SEO is constantly changing. With bounce ratio attacks and companies selling links, it just gets more and more interesting. If you are going to become an SEO expert you need to be a non-linear thinker. If I were to ask you what half of 13 is, how many answers could you give me? Most only have two: 6 and a half and six and a half. I can think of many more: 6 and a half; thir, teen; 1, 3; one, three; and endless other combinations.

My feeling is that in order to truly understand Search Engine Optimization you must be in it for the pure love of the science. I am extremely successful in SEO and I rarely find others who can comprehend the basics, let alone the finer points.

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SEO Expert Calls for help

A man called our office needing an seo consultation for his website. When I began to tell him point by point what was preventing his website from ranking highly, he began to argue each and every point with me. Here was the captain of the titanic defending his "sunken ship". After this nonesense continued for over 20 minutes, I interrupted and said, "Why would you defend a flat tire?" My point in part is that SEO is a non-traditional client-provider relationship and the client will need to delegate control to thier SEO expert.

Expert SEO Tips

If you want an SEO Tip, here it is: Create content that humans respond well to. Create SEO friendly content that Google would be proud to feature in the number 1 position. Visitors must respond to your website in a positive manner. Important foot prints of a successful website include length of stay, content delivery speed to all devices and returning visitors.

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Are You Qualified?

We run proprietary systems that are so advanced that a former NASA-JPL employee who applied for a job began his first day with us and then promptly crawled into the fetal position. I left him in front of a terminal for an hour, went to lunch, and returned to find him staring at the screen. Not everyone can become an expert, even with a serious commitment and a lot of training.

SEO Checklist

  • Great Content.
  • Objects Of Engagement.
  • Choose The Right Keywords.
  • Content.
  • Sitemaps.
  • Great Navigation.
SEO Checklist