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Digital Asset Optimization

What the heck is a digital asset? It could be a domain name or 200 domain names. Management is the process of optimizing the relationship between your objectives and the digital assets you control.

Digital asset optimization for SEO
SEO Experts And The World Wide Web 4.0

SEO Experts and Web 4.0

So far beyond "mobilegeddon", the indexes are now fully integrated into the realm of cosmic minification. Organic search as we know it, has been shrunken down to the size of an iphone screen with packets flying at light speed via Wifi. Have you fallen behind? Your company and its marketing direction, must be crystal clear and specific in Web 4.0.

Web 3.0 SEO

SEO gains momentum when it is combined correctly utilizing Digital Asset Optimization. If your company is not managing its Digital Assets, then your strategy has a core deficiency. Your competitors are taking advantage of it, so why not you? Here are a few reasons that SEO begins with Digital Asset re-factoring.

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Why Optimize Domains?

If you wanted me to rank a website for an organic search term, I first research the whois info on the domain name in question and spend a little time in to researching your online past and current profile. It is important to see if the footprints of potential failure exist or the patterns of a winner are present, especially when it comes to keywords with high competition.

What is D.A.O?

Simply put, DAO is an acronym for "Digital Asset Optimization". If you have 200 domain names in an account or in your name and they are mostly junk websites you may have a problem that can effect a domain in your portfolio that CAN be negativly affected. Who is the domain registred to? I have seen law offices registered to UPS store. This can take months to straighten out and the level of detail goes far beyond what is discussed here.

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Optimize + Link + Rank

While this might seem like an oversimplification of the SEO process, harnessing both the existing visitors along with authority, it becomes easy to understand how we drive hundreds of thousands of visitors to your to sites. DAO works as a component that must be there to get to point B.

Digital Asset Optimization

With Google in its 2nd decade and digital asset optimization (DAO) still in its infancy, it might be difficult to wrap your mind around the idea that SEO Experts have been perfecting DAO. The process requires a micro-management mindset and patience.

SEO Experts clarify your whois information, and other metrics most people miss. All of this comes together to form the foundation on which excellence can be built.

Digital Asset Optimization