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Assuredly if the bell did not go off in your head, you must exert your intellectual hardware to think deeper, and yet harder. Focus, not as a rhetorical exercise, but for the purpose of getting beyond your routine rush-through read. Pull your eyes away from this page for just a moment, stare and conceptualize.

SEO Experts And The World Wide Web 2.0

SEO Experts And The World Wide Web 2.0

So far beyond the Jurassic “.COM era,” we are now fully integrated into the realm of cosmic interaction. Our universe has been shrunk down to the size of an iphone at a fiber optic light speed and yet your company still thoughtlessly drives traffic solely to its own website. If this is true, and your creativity has fallen prey to the black hole of innovation or you feel lost in cyberspace, you need to catch up with the rest of us. Your company’s marketing direction, must be crystal clear and specific in Web 2.0.

Web 3.0 SEO

Web 3.0 becomes extremely valuable when it is utilized correctly through Digital Asset Optimization (DAO). If your company isn’t taking advantage of promotional videos on YouTube and the like, then your strategy needs a boost, because this is power of Web 2.0. You might be rolling your eyes at this point, but that merely testifies to the lack of your companies ability to adapt to change. Here are a few reasons that these new marketing channels can be so successful.


High Volume Traffic

YouTube and other such video-based social media marketing channels like twitter drive hundreds of millions of visits per month from all of the pertinent demographic segments. As of late, which marketing channels are YOU keeping pace with and experiencing growth?

Social Networks Yield Authority

So far as Google and the other search engines are concerned with these enormous sites that house hundreds of thousands of inbound links and in some cases are viewed as authoritative and trustworthy hubs. This is why websites such as About.com, Wikipedia and YouTube rank extremely high in the SERPs (search engine rankings pages) even when relevancy is weak.

Social Network

Optimize + Link + Rank

While this is an oversimplification of the SEO Expert DAO process, harnessing both the existing hoards of visitors along with their immense search engine authority, it becomes easy to understand how we drive hundreds of thousands of visitors to your promotional videos each month that generate traffic to your site and the customers most in alignment with your desired model. Our DAO works as an electric transformer to multiply the traffic for highest output.

Digital Asset Optimization

With Google in its 2nd decade and digital asset optimization (DAO) still in its infancy, it might be difficult to wrap your mind around the idea that SEO Experts have been perfecting DAO for several years. The process requires a microscope and the onus is placed on concept and accuracy.

Then using complex techniques, 1SEOExperts embeds specific pieces of metadata such as your URL into the encoding of for example a video to re-associate the content with your company or keyword. All of this work comes together as we build a responsible portfolio of high profile links and other quality indicators to the media.

Digital Asset Optimization