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How to Get Listed

Getting listed in Google comes with responsibility, knowledge and having honest intent. Getting a high ranking page for your site requires adhering to webmaster guidelines and search engine best practices. Optimize your website with honesty and transparency. If you play by the rules, you might just find that Google is a pretty nice entity. Most of the webmasters that you see complaining they have dropped are simply not playing by the rules.

When a major tire manufacturer recently contacted our office, they were amazed at another client's top positions for a particular search term: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7. When I examined the listing, I discovered several other listings in the SERPS with similar content. If it looks funny to you it will probably not look right to the search engines.

How to get listed in Google
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It Only Takes One

Why are web site owners obsessed with getting listed in Google? Just one of the right organic listings can make a company overnight. That does not mean you get to alter the variables and literaly break everything in the seemingly un-breakable formula of success. There are some basic factors that kind of need to be there, such as:

  • You keyword has to be something that is searched by a lot of people.
  • When people search for this word or phrase, it means they want to buy it.
  • What they find on your page is what most people searching for that keyword wanted.

How many sites are listed by Google?

The reports vary, but it has been reported to be in excess of 50 billion listings. If you are wondering how many Google listing can one site get, the answer is in the thousands depending on the quality of the content and reputation of the site in question. You have to design a relevant nomenclature for your website design. I repeat. Never steal content or keyword lists. You must write your content and make it count. Be informative and be a valid crontibutor to the indexes.

Update your content

Site Links

Google site links are where your listing appears and then a number of other pages appear below the main listing. This used to be referred to as a Super Listing, bbut Google has developed a really neat method to help its visitors find popular pages on your website. Think of the top reasons visitors would like to find your website and which pages match those primary reasons for the visit, and using search console, you can easily shape your brand to be tailored for the web visitor and not some hard to grasp wild marketing campaign.

How to get listed
How to get listed

Things to Remember

  • Submit a sitemap
  • Stay on Topic
  • Present Unique information
  • Origional Content
  • Images are important
  • Use Site links
  • Let Google discover your site
  • Make your site mobile friendly
  • Code check at W3c
  • Monitor your listings
  • Use a Robots.txt
  • Host with a reputable hosting company