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How to Get Listed

Getting listed in Google comes with responsibility, knowledge and having honest intent. Getting a high ranking page for your site requires adhering to webmaster guidelines and search engine best practices. Optimize your website with honesty and transparency. If you play by the rules, you might just find that Google is a pretty nice entity. Most of the webmasters that you see complaining they have dropped are simply not playing by the rules.

When a major tire manufacturer recently contacted our office, they were amazed at another client's top positions for a particular search term: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7. When I examined the listing, I discovered several other listings in the SERPS with similar content. If it looks funny to you it will probably not look right to the search engines.

How to get listed in Google
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It Only Takes One

Just one Google listing can work wonders for your traffic. Listings are also easy to get, so I have published this easy-to-follow SEO tutorial to help you get listed in Google without breaking the bank.

Multiple Keyword Listings

Many site have hundreds and some thousands of Google listings. You have to design a nomenclature that works for you. I repeat. Never steal content. You must write your content and make it count. Be informative and be a valid crontibutor to the collective.

Update your content

Indented Listings

  1. Make a copy of a page on your current website you that would like to get an indented listing for.
  2. Change the center content area completely and re-optimize it for the same keyword phrase.
  3. Make sure you link to the new page (indented) from the original page.
  4. Make sure all the pages in your website link to both pages with the same anchor text (and also the keyword phrase you optimized for).
  5. Now you have to get a few inbound links to the new (to be indented) page from other credible websites so that the page ranks at least as well as the origional.
How to get listed
How to get listed

Things to Remember

  • Make all pages unique
  • Never borrow content
  • Relevancy is key
  • Follow best practices
  • Winning