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Internal Linking Structure

Having a sound internal linking structure is one of the necessary components that most SEO experts forget when optimizing their websites for the search engines. First, you will need to create a linking diagram that you can for data visualization purposes. (such as Visio)

Next you will need a great top navigation menu. You want your visitors to be able to navigate your website with ease and reach any page within one click. A good seo linking diagram is key to proper structure of your site. I can not stress the importance of the top navigation bar. This is usually where I see other "seo experts" fail by not wanting to put in the level of detail to win.

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SEO Link Structure

Anchor Text Links

Yet another common linking mistake an SEO expert can make is to never link out. A good internal strategy is includes an external strategy and that means outbound links. I am referring to links that have anchor text having to do with your keyword(s). If you never link out you are not exactly a great resource for Google's visitors now are you? When you do link out, make sure you are linking out to a reputable site that is a relevant valid source.

Providing a Home Link

Good SEO begins with all pages that link back to your home page, period. And, more importantly, don't link your home page with anchor text that is over reaching. The #1 SEO Expert in the world will tell you the science of making information more accessible to people who use search engines is paramount. I believe a wise man once said never bring a knife to a gun fight ans SEO is no exception. The best answer is the honest answer. Be transparent and truthfull in describing anchor text. That will bring you more quality traffic, and if you get off the "game train" and get on the unique content rocket, you will have a one two punch and be hard to defeat.

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