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Landing page design can triple your conversion to sale if done correctly. SEO Expert Michael Guy has built some of the worlds highest converting landing page systems. It all begins with something we like to call " conversion mechanics.

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Conversion Mechanics

Content: While user motivation is largely predetermined, it still requires calculated cultivation of that motivation. Begin by defining the nature of the visitor’s demand for the product. Continue by defining the magnitude of their demand. Now this is where landing page design can be a powerful tool, first to support visitor motivation by meeting expectation through relevant messaging, and secondarily by harnessing the momentum to increase that motivation.

Volvo Landing Page

I did some work for Volvo on the c30 and C70 models. In my first meeting they told me they wanted to sell them on the net. I said no. "What?" the rep replied. I said "I read the 300 page marketing report and it stated that 1 in 5 test drivers purchased a new vehicle." He agreed my interpretation of his report data was correct. And I said then we are going to give away free test drives. He asked why. I replied. The conversion line is much higher and the cost per click much lower at that time. I am sure you get my point.

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Design Incentive

Users require incentive to take action, particularly if you expect it to happen immediately. Are your incentives merely perks, or do they genuinely increase user participation?

The Results Are Huge

Users are constantly questioning and assessing. It is their permanent status; their responsibility to do so. Anxiety is both in constant flux, as well as a motivational influence. Usually associated with entering information, the user must evaluate whether the site is trustworthy, secure, asking for appropriate information in context and whether or not the product or service is likely to be satisfied as outlined.

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Proper Landing Pages

  • Conversion Probability
  • Motivation
  • Value Proposition
  • Incentive
  • Friction
  • Anxiety