PPC Management in the Days of Yore

PPC is the precursor to a brave new world,and unless you can find a way around it, you are going to spend your way into oblivion with ineffective marketing. The truth is that you need to know somebody somewhere out there who knows how to navigate their way through the complex, convex Adwords tunnels that make up the PPC universe.

PPC Management
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The PPC Child

Too often I consult with the head of advertising and see big traffic and big sales, but what I do not see is net revenues. There is a stark contrast between revenues and profit. If your online strategy does not include search engine traffic and is soley reliant on paid advertising, you expose your self to lower ROI and increase your potential exposure to losses.

Its not Checkers, Its Chess

Assuming that you are focused on a pay per click advertising market strategy, or that you have done so in the past and perhaps failed, lets consider a few things.

How do you know the clicks you are purchasing are coming from human beings?. In fact not only do you not know this, but it is most likely a signifigant portion of the clicks are coming from bots or competitors trying to "deflate your daily spend so they can arm their campaigns at timed intervals.

Pay Per Click
Adwords Management

Adwords Management Services

1 SEO Experts provides PPC Management Services and efficiency audits. We conduct these audits for clients seeking to eliminate wastefull spending and provide some insights into the quality of the traffic you are receiving. Contact Us to set up an audit and let us help you elimiate the waste.

PPC Advanced Strategies

Additionally, you need strategy beyond the “best practices,” which is why you need artistry as well. Should you buy clicks, impressions or both? To even suggest that a solid PPC campaign requires only keywords and ads is like thinking that only paints and a canvas are needed to become a successful painter. What of the tools to be used? What of the color mixing? What of the style or technique? Are these not the very aspects by which art is both devised and appraised?

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PPC Branding

PPC Yields a Branding Effect

Understanding your business and how it fits into the airtight seal of the internet vacuum is the most important perspective to gain if you ever expect to successfuly mine its potential. Without the professional SEM perspective, how will you feel confident in your evaluation of your competition? We can turn your business smarts into PPC street smarts to figure out everything your competition is and isn’t doing, while setting your brand apart with an image and ROI that will leave your competitors in paralytic envy. Theirs is a treadmill, yours is a track.

PPC Services

  • Campaign Creation.
  • Keyword Selection.
  • Ads That Convert.
  • Quality Score Improvement.
  • Landing Page Systems.
  • Negative Keyword Lists.