SEO Expert Privacy Policy

Please read carefully before placing an order with us.

1 SEO Experts formulated this Privacy and Shipping & Return Policy because we take your privacy very and customer satisfaction very seriously. These policies are for anyone who uses the services or website of 1 SEO Experts, this policy describes aspects of how we protect your privacy while you conduct business with us. We are committed to safeguarding any information you share and have the highest regard for keeping your information secure. We suggest that you thoroughly read our policy before using our services or website. By using our website or services, you agree to the following information and practices explained in this Privacy & Shipping and Returns Policies.

Shipping & Return Policy

All sales are final. All customers who place orders with 1seoexperts agree that the purchases made are for consultation and labor, and can not be refunded. Example: Customer approves website via email and for what ever reason changes his or her mind later, 1seoexperts can not refund the fee charged. Customers need to be aware that an SEO Expert can not predict the outcome of a campaign any more than a good lawyer can predict the outcome of a case, regardless of thier skill level or committment to your campaign. When you engage the services of our company, you do so based on your evaluation of 1seoexperts in comparison to others you evaluate when choosing an seo company or web designer.

Information We May Collect

When you submit a form request at, our servers collect your domain name and email address whenever possible. This information is reviewed internally to improve our services, and then discarded.

We may gather and store identifiable personal information, such as your name, address and email. Whenever you submit personal information through our website, it may be sent to our servers in the United States and any additional countries. We may also collect general information such as gender, age and details about your home, as well as general financial details like your credit card number, expiration, type of card. Every time you visit our search engine optimization company website, we automatically note your IP address, time and length of visit, type of browser and its language.

What We Do Not Collect

1 SEO Experts will never request personal financial information like sensitive bank account data. Nor will we request your social security number, account numbers or passwords of any kind. If anyone claiming to be a representative of 1 SEO Experts contacts you, do not disclose any personal information over the phone or Internet. If you ever have any question about the authenticity of a caller claiming to be a part of the 1 SEO Experts team, hang up right away and contact our search engine optimization company for verification of their identity.

We Do Not Use ‘Cookies'

A ‘cookie’ is a small piece of information that a web browser stores on your computer’s hard drive. We do not set any cookies to track or gather information about our visitors. Nor do we partner with companies that use ad servers.

How We Use Your Information

In order to provide you with the best possible service, we may utilize your personal information to deliver products and services that you request.

Accessing Your Information

You may update, edit and access your information at any time by contacting 1 SEO Experts. You determine the amount and type of data you share with us. If you choose to omit certain information, however, you may be unable to access certain features on that require said information.

How We Protect Your Privacy

We adhere to extremely strict electronic and procedural standards to keep your personal information from being disclosed to or accessed by unauthorized parties. Whenever personal information is transmitted between our system and yours, we encrypt it and use thick firewalls to discourage any unwanted acquisition.

We Do Not Share Your Information

We will not share your personal information with anyone. When you submit a contact form to our search engine optimization company, we use it for authorized business transactions only. Should we need to reach you, we may access it for your email, phone number or address.

If you supply us with your mailing address, phone number or email, we may send updates periodically with information about new products or services. From time to time, we make our lists available to reputable business with products or services we feel you might enjoy. If you do not want us to share your data with those organization, please contact us and we will remove your email immediately. Likewise, if you wish to be removed from our internal mailing list, please contact us at the number listed below and we will promptly attend to the matter.

The third-parties and entities you authorize us to share your information with may have their own privacy policies detailing their protection of your information. Once we share your data with those third parties under this Privacy Policy, their policies determine how they handle, use and disclose your information.

For more information on the privacy policies of the aforementioned third-parties, we strong recommend visiting their websites and reading about their practices. Those third-parties and their servers may be located in the United States and other countries.

Additional SEO Privacy Information

If you have any questions whatsoever or want a further explanation of our Privacy Policy and the manner in which we handle your personal information, please contact our search engine optimization company 1 SEO Experts via email, phone or mail. After proper identification measures, we will provide you with all your information we hold at the time. We will also be more than happy to discuss any questions you have about our privacy procedures.


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