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How Can I Improve MY Search ROI

Search ROI or "return on investment" is a metric that measures the effectiveness of your SEO campaign by asking:

  • How much you invested
  • What is your return on investment (ROI)
  • How does this compare to other advertising dollars you might spend elsewhere.
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Neuro Linguistic Programming

If you study NLP as I have you will find it is heavily tied to phsyco analysis which is why most people can not the resolution needed to use it effectivly. If you have no understanding of NLP you probably need to hit the books a bit.

If you are not getting the return on investment you had hoped for , it is time to ask your self a few questions.

  • Do I have broad keywords in my campaign?
  • If targeted properly, can the amount of traffic organic search has to offer enough?
  • Are my products web ready?
  • Do the analytics indicate people hate my website?
  • How great is my content?

Does the S in SEO matter?

A lot of people ask me: Which search has more conversions? Doctors? or Doctor?. When ever a person searching has specified plural he or she may be looking for a list. I have found that in almost every case the singular is by far better. When you convert 1 in 18 clicks to a conversion you can email me and I will put you up on the "I am as kewl as Michael board".

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