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SEO Design is the detailed process of designing a website to perform well in the search engines while adhering to Google's webmaster guidelines. But there are many other factors to consider. The W3c vailidation tool is a remarkable resource to get a trusted evaluation of your source code. Your "award winning" design begins with great content and how you mark it up.

How good is your content? Is it relevant to your keyword nomenclature? Did you steal your content or was it inspired by other website? How well is it written? Have other websites "syndicated" your content without your consent? What action wll you take if they do? Are you on a a junk server? These are all very important considerations when designing your new SEO friendly website. This article will address some of the thousands of parameters essential for success.

SEO Friendly Design
Heavyweight or Bantamweight?

SEO Friendly urls

If you want your site to perform well in the SERPS you should consider having an SEO friendly URL structure. That means a url that is both informative for your visitors and Google friendly. If you have long stringy confusing looking URLS you are likely to end up on page 2 or worse. We develop sensible and easy to navigate seo friendly URLS based on your nomenclature and the importance of each page in comparison to the hierarchy.

Best SEO framework

There has been much debate about what the best framework is for designing a website to be SEO friendly. Drupal and Word Press have been used on so many websites they have become "clutter" in the SERPS. I would ask my self this. Do I want to drive my message to the masses in the search engines in a vehicle commonly used by spammers to mass produce websites? If your website is built on an insecure framework that is likely to get hacked to save money and fake your way in to the appearance of having a website, more power to you. I have found that a great mobile responsive website using HTML5 CSS and or Bootstrap is the way to go.

Best SEO framework


I would avoid at all cost using a template that appears on several thousand other websites. Designing from a framework such as bootstrap is going to result in your site being unique. Having a unique website is amazing.

Michael Guy