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SEO For Idiots

When I was a Rock star, I met an awful lot of people who were pursuing the same dream. What is funny is you could find a pretty good reason why each and every one of people that did not make it had failed. I find that the same thing is true with websites. These are those who just simply DO not get it and nver will. You can not promote a website effectively with $2000.

SEO For Idiots
SEO for Idiots

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Any Idiot knows that NO doctor can guarantee you will live through an operation (but don't all of us ask the Doctor for one anyways?) And Michael Jordan can not predict he will make a game winning shot at the buzzer either. But do you think he will? It all comes down to WHO do you trust with YOUR SEO basketball. Listen to what your SEO expert has to say and then make a decision based on good due diligence.

SEO for $500?

How many of you have paid an SEO service $500 and gotten ripped off? Now let me ask you this: How many of you have tried to drive across the great state of Texas on 1 dollar of gasoline? SEO is not something you want to do on the cheap. If you are trying to launch a business, put the focus on excellence. Hard work produces results, and trying to cheat the system produces frustration and disappointment. It never ceases to amaze me how many people think they can jump on the net and "figure it out".

Unique Content
The idiots guide to SEO

You Are Not Fooling Anyone

I saw a video from a competitor today who thought he was an SEO genius, and he was telling people all his results came from mediocre content. After I manage to get back up off the floor as I was laughing so hard, I though this guy does not have a clue. Not only do you need great content, you need to keep the content on your web site fresh. When some one arrives at your site and bounces within 2 to 6 seconds that is considered a poor quality destination.

Google tracks everything (even password protected areas of websites you visit while using the toolbar) And they know by measuring key metrics such as bounce rate, content delivery speed and code validation if a website is of higher or lower value to potential visitors in the future. Google should be looking for sites that provide visitors with a unique, informative and positive experience. I have seen a lot of ugly sites that were very successful, and great content that is both unique and informative is very important.