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SEO Linking

SEO linking will always be an important part of an SEO Expert's diet, but how you link to some one is the key to having any type of success. If you are a web site or page relevant to "SEO Expert" and another website links to your page using the anchor text "ACME Corporation" they may be describing your web document as something unrelated to the METADATA SEO Expert. If the same person were to be linking to you as "SEO Company" and your company provides SEO Services, you would of course benefit from that link. Right?

SEO Linking

SEO Linking Is Easy

Not so fast. You have to consider many SEO linking parameters to qualify each and every link you get. What is the Google PR passed on with a link? (Please do not tell us your link qualification skills stop at the little green bar thingy). It depends on the PR of the page that links to you, the relevancy of the link and most of all how many other links are on the page linking to you that are diluting the amount of PR passed by that link. Furthermore you have to have the inbound link in place long enough for Google or another SE to pick up the link and then credit you for that inbound link.

How Do I Get Links

There were over a million ways to get inbound links at the time of this writing and by the time I finished there were more. My point is you need to be creative and responsible when inbound linking to your site. Submitting to Squidoo and other social media web sites is cool but you really need quality links to move that ship..

How Do I Get Links
How to get links.

Rate of Acquisition

How fast can your site pickup inbound links you may ask? Here are a couple considerations. How many times is your url mentioned in blogs x emails y im z social networks z1 aim z2 article diggs z3 well you get the point right? There is simply no way to fake popularity. And lets not forget data collected from tool bar vectors you installed that report your page views to Google. If you acquire Inbound links without all the other metrics in reasonable proximity to the monitored universe, you just might sink your ship before it sails.

Link Building Strategy

  • Publish great Content.
  • Participate in the Dialogue.
  • Stay Away from Bloggy / Spammy.
  • Do NOT purchase!
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