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If you are writing a press release for SEO, then you are most likely publishing for the wrong reason. There is nothing wrong with a press release, but most people have a blurred understanding of what a press release is. It usually happens this way": Some one on the web team suggests that the company put out a press release. When in fact it should be the other way around. Something newsworthy has either happened or about to happen and then a press release goes out. So what is the issue? Plain and simple: A press release creates duplicate content issues. To make matters worse, if the press is "borrowed" from your website, you may have a real problem on your hands.

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Don't try this at Home

Avoid Junk Press

As far as I know there are only 2 reputable Press services. PR Newswire and PRweb. I also know that there are countless junk press websites and they have little value to me as an SEO Expert.

For a news story to gain traction, the release should be unique to the distribution channel, while remaining informative or of an educational level whereas the value proposition is an afterthought. Digital Press is one thing you need to "get right the first time" because the long term effects can be devastating.

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I like to participate in Radio. Hosts Chuck Woolery and Mark Young and I get together and discuss the gowing influence of technolgy as it relates to current events. You can listen to one of the episodes here.

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Defeating Harvard in Google

I had the pleasure of working for an American Icon in both business and nuturing the small business. After realizing the house sub committe on education in the private sector would most likely draw from Googles top results for an appearance, I decided to rank them for the term free business course. After deafeating Harvard, and the SBA for the high volume organic search query phrases, the House Of Representatives asked for an appearance to present the data on my acheivements in education. great airtime on the cable news networks.


So now that you have your SEO press release together and the MSM engages and checks it out before you can translate a narrative from web to Television, they WILL check out your website. And they will find all the junk releases you have issued in the past and most likely take your release less serious than they would have had you maintained a "best practices" policy.

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